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It’s All About the Accessories

In between picking out the cabinets (more on that in a bit), paint colors and rushing into our renovation, we needed to pick out appliances, as well as other minute details such as cabinet pulls and the faucet . While we needed a new dishwasher, stove and range hood, we decided to keep our LG refrigerator and Kenmore microwave. Both still worked and matched our stainless steel color palette. While I have read that stainless steel MIGHT be on it’s way out, it matched my decor and was most cost effective. Here are some of the options I found:

Range Hood 

Whirpool Wall Mount Range HoodGE Chimney Range HoodAncona Wall Mount Range Hood

Here is what we put in our new kitchen.



I wanted a gas stove with a fairly simple display.  One door was fine and a griddle in the middle was preferred.  Here are some of the options I explored:

LG Gas RangeGE Adora Gas RangeFridgidaire Gas Range

Here is what we installed:


Everything I read said Bosch is the best company for dishwashers, so I focused most of my attention on their different models.  I wanted one with a third row for utensils and other small items, and one with tines that folded down.  I also wanted one with a flat profile to make it look more streamlined.  With those in mind, the Bosch 500 Series was the only option that drew my attention.

Here is what it looks like in my kitchen:


So far, I am very happy with all of our appliance choices.  The only note I will make is about the dishwasher as I swear this thing is smarter than me!  It has so many options, but doesn’t have an automatic dry setting. Every time we wash dishes you have to press the “Sanitize” option, which adds a bit of time to the cycle, already over two hours for one load.

Everything but the Kitchen Sink…

Ever since I have imagined my dream kitchen, it has included a white farmhouse sink. Hands down, that has been the one shining centerpiece in every kitchen I’ve seen and loved over the years.  There’s something classic, homey and altogether beautiful that this sink (yes a sink!) portrays.  After reading about these sinks, it turns out there is actually a downside to the porcelain/fireclay material.  It’s evidently very easy to scratch and the finish sometimes comes off.  I didn’t want to have to worry about maintaining a sink (the countertops would prove to be enough of an issue) so instead I found a Stone Matte sink by Vigo. It’s reversible, meaning it can have a fluted side or plain side and I went with the one basin option with the drain in the middle.  After going back and forth between one basin or two, I ultimately chose one because it would allow pots and pans of all sizes (as well as the oven griddle) to fit in it. So far, this sink has proven to be amazing at holding absolutely everything.  I can pile tons of dishes in it, which is nice on those days that dishes just don’t get washed.  I will say that the stone matte seems to stain very easily, but a quick clean with Bar Keeper’s Friend and it looks sparkling again.

IMG_2847 2IMG_2840

Regarding the kitchen faucet, I went back and forth between stainless steel and oil rubbed bronze and think either option would have looked fine.  We have a friend who works for a faucet company and we were able to get this Pfister faucet through him.  I absolutely love it and highly recommend the detachable nozzle.  I use it every single day and it’s great for keeping water off my precious marble as I can spray dishes in my deep, deep sink.



I remember seeing our kitchen for the first time when we bought the house back in 2012. It was dark, dirty and dingy. It had one single fluorescent overhead light. When we decided to paint the cabinets white in 2014, it was in an effort to make it feel somewhat brighter and lighter.  Needless to say, it helped some, but the yellow overhead light was less than flattering.  So, as part of a smaller project, we had recessed lighting installed in our kitchen and family room, which greatly brightened up the space. We also went ahead and installed pendant lighting over the peninsula.  We reused these and moved them over to hang over the new island.  Here’s a link to the pendant lights and we used Edison bulbs.


I know cabinet knobs and pulls aren’t high on the priority list, but nonetheless something that needed to be chosen.  I wanted oil rubbed bronze as a contrast to all the white and stainless steel.  Here are the links from Amazon, Cabinet Knob and Cabinet Pull.


As you can see from the picture above, this is what our cabinets look like.  We decided on a simple white shaker cabinet.  Made of wood, we chose stock over custom purely based on price. Our contractor recommended custom in order to avoid panels covering dead space, but I ultimately chose the stock because I didn’t think it was worth the price difference.  I am very happy we went with stock and the dead space turned out not to be an issue at all.  Here are some picture of the cabinets being installed:



I think those are all the details for now.  Stay tuned for the big reveal, I hope you love it as much as I do!


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