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Countertops, Backsplash and Paint, oh my!

Now for the fun stuff, the actual decorating part!  Based on my intense online scouting, I knew that I wanted a gray and white kitchen. Whether it would be gray cabinets and white countertops or vice versa, I had my color palette. Let’s start with countertops first. I scoured articles including this and this to get ideas on the countertop material. Turns out, the final decision wasn’t made until an in-person visit to Levantina.  Here are a few of our favorite slabs:

Bianca Carrera
Bianca Carrara Marble
Sea Pearl Quartz
Sea Pearl Quartz
Stat Classico
Statuarietto Classico Marble
Statuarietto Marble

After much deliberation, my husband and I decided on the Statuarietto Classico marble. We decided that we really liked the character of the vein running through the middle of the slab and hoped that could be the piece for the island. Despite the issues that might arise with marble, we wanted the variation that each piece gave, instead of the “sameness” of quartz.

With our countertops chosen, we decided to go with white subway tile.  Both affordable and classic, it fit perfectly with my gray and white “theme.” Here’s a link to the tile I purchased: Subway Tile

Now, regarding paint color, that’s always a fun decision to make.  I’m known to be indecisive with paint colors and this time was no different. I purchased five paint samples to test, FIVE!  And I didn’t choose any of them… ask if my husband was happy. They included Benjamin Moore Pale Oak, Stonington Gray and Wickham Gray, Behr Flannel Gray and Porter Paints Flint Gray.  Also, here’s the link to my Pinterest paint page I used for inspiration.

After painting those five samples and staring at them for a few days, I decided I hated all of them.  So… onto Plan B.  I looked at Sherwin Williams Repose Gray and Agreeable Gray for approximately two hours online and finally decided on Agreeable Gray.  Without purchasing a sample, I told my contractor to go ahead and buy the paint and I would live with the outcome, fingers crossed.  Quite a gamble on my part, but I knew I couldn’t buy any more samples!  Here’s the final result, and I love it!

Next blog entry… it’s time to pick out appliances!


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