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Kitchen Renovation Part 2

While demolition was going on, we worked with our contractor to prepare the layout of the space.  I wanted an L-shaped kitchen with island that would allow for better traffic flow. We went to a local cabinet store and had a free in-store consultation done. This allowed us to get a 3-D visual of the new kitchen, including the placement of the island.  I highly recommend doing this, and if you hire an architect or interior decorator, they should do this for you.

Sometimes you don’t know things about your home until you start opening walls.  For our space, this included the location of ceiling support beams, if hardwood floors were under the existing cabinets and the location of water lines. Here is what it looked like while cabinets were being removed.  As you can see, there unfortunately wasn’t hardwood flooring under the existing cabinets.

Once the cabinets were completely removed, we were able to see that there was a support beam where the wall was pushed back.  This was good news!  We had planned to build in a pantry which would have been a bit awkward, because it provided us the structural support we needed.  But, now that the beam was in the ceiling, we could put a full wall of cabinets instead. This allowed the space to be a lot more open and to gain a few extra square feet.

My next entry will focus on appliances, backsplash… and countertop choices!



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